Tim Dorsey References
Tim Dorsey References


Here's what fellow artists, community leaders, educators, promotional and public relations directors and others are saying about Tim Dorsey and Dorsey Entertainment!

Thank you again for your wonderful performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at our game on February 28, 1997 vs. the Atlanta Hawks. You did a great job. I look forward to scheduling you again for the 1997-98 season.

    Tony Shields
    Community Relations Manager
    The Milwaukee Bucks

Please consider this letter as a very high recommendation for Tim Dorsey.  He sang the National Anthem at the Fox Cities Stadium for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers on many of our best attended games. He was asked by us to sing the National Anthem for those specific games because of his extraordinary talent. To have Tim sing the National Anthem at Lambeau Field would further escalate the already electric atmosphere.

    David Frost
    Director Promotions/Merchandise
    Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

Tim has this wonderfully flexible voice that has such an incredible range. It is unbelievable how he can sing mid to low range and take off into the stratosphere. He has a natural gift for style. To me, he is as good as they get... I find him to be a remarkable talent.

    John Harmon
    former member of jazz group, Matrix
    Appleton, WI

Great chops.

    Janet Planet
    jazz vocalist
    Appleton, WI

He is a fresh talent, he has a lot of musical intelligence, he is very quick, he has good musical taste and he's wonderful.

    Maury Laws
    Conductor, arranger and co-founder
    Valley Jazz Orchestra
    Appleton, WI

I am impressed with him, not only as a singer but as a person. He is so nice to work with. He has a fashionably high male voice and he can sing just about anything.

    Fred Sturm
    Director of jazz studies
    Lawrence University
    Appleton, WI

This is an exciting new approach to getting the safety message across to our younger work force.

    William Koepnick
    Executive Director
    Wisconsin Council on Safety
    commenting on Tim's safety songs

Dorsey's... ability to carry a tune has brightened many local radio advertisements.

    New Month magazine

Kaukauna, WI

May 17,1999

In May of 1998 the Performing Arts Committee at Kaukauna High School entered into an agreement with Tim Dorsey to be an "artist-in-residence" at the new high school and work with the Concert Choir to produce a selection that would be performed in concert for the dedication of the new auditorium. The benefits of this collaboration far exceeded my expectations.

I met with Tim, initially, the early part of February to look at the composition and fine tune it to meet the vocal abilities within my choir. Tim was extremely receptive to any changes that needed to be addressed. A few weeks later he began working directly with the students. It was exciting to watch the evolution of Tim's composition and witness the warm rapport he developed with my students. He put everyone at ease with his "unassuming" style and was yet professional enough to elicit from the youth the desire to bring the piece to a higher plateau at each rehearsal.

The culmination of Tim's hard work with the choir was certainly evident at the Spring Concert. When his composition," New Beginnings" was performed the audience responded with a thunderous, standing ovation.

To say that our experience with Tim Dorsey was a success would be an understatement. The school district is so pleased with this undertaking that negotiations are underway to include Tim in our 1999-2000 Performing Arts Series.

I would highly recommend any school district that is searching for a true "artist" and dynamic performer to allow their students to be inspired by Tim Dorsey. He is a remarkable talent!


Christine Krueger
Choral Director
Kaukauna High School

June 10, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

As a member of the Kaukauna High School performing Arts Series Committee I contacted Tim Dorsey to pursue the possibility of his serving a term as artist-in-residence during the second semester at KHS. As artist-in-residence his duties would include composing a new choral song to celebrate the opening of the new Kaukauna High School, working with students to produce the song, appearing with them in their Spring Choral Concert, and, finally, appearing in a concert as the concluding offering of our Performing Arts Series which initiated the new auditorium.

Tim was eager to fulfill the commission. He was also artistically and temperamentally suited to the project. Tim's work with high school students was inspired: he seemed to understand the high school mentality and how to carry students across that mysterious border they seem unwilling to cross so that they would willingly explore a new piece of music. It goes without saying that the song Tim composed for the Concert Choir suited our hopes and communicated the "New Beginnings" message we dreamed of.

If we could sponsor an annual artist-in-residence program for the Choral Department, Tim would be our annual choice. His enthusiasm, his exciting stage presence, and his simple pleasures in that which happens as a concert comes to maturity is just what we want students to see. Music is dynamic. Music is consuming. Music is fun. Tim says all of this with his actions and his communication. We couldn't have been more pleased with anyone else.


Bernard F. Hupperts
Performing Arts Series Committee

Mr. Dorsey,

I know that this letter is a bit over due, but I wanted to thank you for working with us and composing our piece for the new Kaukauna High School. you were an excellent teacher, opening our eyes to new ideas and helping us to further our own music education. You were always in a great mood, and made us look forward to working wih you.

I really enjoyed working with you and learning from you. This experience is something that will stick out in my mind as one of the highlights of my senior year. I will always carry this with me as I go on to major in music education. 'Thank you for you dedication. Thank you for your inspiration.'

Stephanie Luckow
KHS Concert Choir
Class of 1999

Oshkosh, WI

February 24,1998

For the past two weeks I have had the privilege of having Tim Dorsey as a guest soloist and lecturer with the Oshkosh West Senior High School Choir. I really appreciated Tim's willingness to cater his presentation to what I wanted and to what the choir needed. Tim and I met for an extended period of time before he even met with the students to analyze the music and decide on a plan of action for presenting it to the students. Tim is a real 'idea man' with a lot of creativity. Tim had a great rapport with the students and the appreciated him as a musician and as a teacher. Tim is a gifted musician and a talented performer in a variety of styles of music. He is very professional in his dealings yet is still warm and friendly. I recommend Tim highly for any school looking for an artist in residence, soloist, or guest lecturer.

Herb Berendsen
Director of Choral Activities
Oshkosh West Senior High School

Fond du Lac, WI

March 1998

Tim Dorsey recently began working with students at Sabish Junior High, specifically with the 200 students in chorus. I have found Mr. Dorsey a joy to work with, because he's creative and motivates the students as he works with them. He has composed a song in four - part harmony that is up beat and relevant to the students lives. His arrangement of the music is sensitive to the needs of the ever changing junior high voice and he's also flexible in his adjustments of the song when needed. Most of all I am impressed with Mr. Dorsey's concern for the youth. He's not just a talented singer/songwriter, but also a musician who has a heart for young people. He reaches kids with his music and the students enjoy him and relate well to him. I highly recommend Tim Dorsey!


Angela J. Otte
Choral Director
Sabish Junior High

To Berry School

Dear Diane Zwiers:

I have no hesitation in recommending Dorsey Entertainment for you to share with others for- possible bookings. Mr. Dorsey puts on a great show with quality sound, music, and lights. He also tuned into our needs with Safe Night (Oct. 6-Lincoln) beautifully by his gentle reminders for students and parents to work on conflict resolution, handling feelings appropriately, and dealing with problems as they come along. He is also a very fine singer.

Mrs. Dorsey, who is Awtum The Clown, does an equally fine program. She has helped me at Lincoln with our Family Winter-Fest, and works very well with children and families.

Therefore, once again, my highest recommendations to Dorsey Entertainment.


Dear Teresa, Tim & Jonah:

Thank you for ensuring the success of our 1997 New Years Around the Park event. We appreciate your time and efforts in supporting the event, and making it a resounding success. This year we estimate approximately 4,000 people participated in New Years Around the Park. That is an increase of about 25% over last year. Your efforts and talents are truly appreciated. Thank you.

Kim Barnas
Executive Director
Appleton Medical Center Foundation

July 28, 1998

Dear Tim:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment you provided us. I can't tell you how many times people told me that they had to see if you were singing the song or if it was the recording. You have a marvelous voice and a special presence.

Tim, you made our reunion special and on behalf of myself and the members of the reunion committee, we thank you. Don't be surprised if you are contacted in the year 2003 when we have our 25th reunion!


Lisa B. Yetter


Teresa Dorsey with friend, Mark Moore.

This music is good. It ministers. It should be heard.

    Mark & Vanessa Moore
    Christafari band
    national recording artists

You've got a great voice.

    Steve & Annie Chapman
    national recording artists
    Nashville, TN

I enjoyed Tim Dorsey. He's a great writer and a great singer... He's a great talent.

    Sherman Andrus
    former member of The Imperials

You have a unique talent to communicate to audiences of all ages. We wish you God's best as you entertain and minister to groups around the community.

    John Gillespie
    former Administrative Director
    Rawhide Boys Ranch
    New London, WI

As a musician, I know Tim's music and performance are great. He is inspiring and entertaining. He communicates with messages people can relate to and music they can enjoy.

    Kenneth D. Ellis
    former President and General Manager
    Appleton, WI

As you can imagine, we hear a lot of demos. This one stands out. You didn't exaggerate the talents of this guy... I hear his music as being a cross between Stevie Wonder, Jon Gibson and Larnell Harris and commercial enough to be received by radio. I sure do like it!

    Paul Grimshaw
    Radio Promotions Coordinator
    Benson Music Group
    Nashville, TN